The Energy Roundtable: Educating Officials, Opinion Leaders, the Press, and Citizens About Energy Issues

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Below is a list of the guests who have appeared on “The Energy Roundtable™.” To see a program with a specific guest, simply click on that person’s name. In the event that person was one of several guests on a program or was in one of several segments of a program, the entire program will be made available to you. You then can use the fast forward feature until you reach the person of interest. Not all programs have been uploaded yet. Send us a message ( in the event a program you want to watch is not yet available and we will make it a priority. For more information on “The Energy Roundtable,” please go to Thank you.

Colorado Oil and Gas Association Endorsement Letter
The Energy Literacy Project Endorsement Letter
Samer Al Ashgar KAPSARC
Mohammed Al Ramahi Masdar
Bob Armstrong MIT Energy Initiative
Dan Arvizu National Renewable Energy Lab Director
Mathias Becker CEO, Renova Energia SA (Brazil)
Nariman Behravesh IHS Chief Economist
George Biltz V.P., Energy & Climate Change, Dow Chemical Company
Earl Blumenauer Congressman and Livable Communities Leader
Howard Boigon Former Colorado Oil & Gas Association President
Jason Bordoff Director for the Center on Global Energy Policy & Professor at Columbia University
Mark Brownstein Environmental Defense Fund Energy Program Deputy Director
Sharon Burke U.S. Department of Defense
James Cameron AVATAR” and ‘Titanic” Award-Winning Film Director and Environmentalist
Mauricio Cárdenas Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy
General Wesley Clark Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander
Jack Coleman Energy North America Managing Partner
Kevin Costner Academy Award-winning Actor and Environmental Entrepreneur
Alex Cranberg Founder of Aspect Energy and Regent, University of Texas
Robbie Diamond Securing America's Future Energy
Peter Dea Cirque Resources President & CEO and former Western Gas President & CEO
Tony Earley Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of PG&E Corporation
Charles Ebinger Senior Fellow and Director of the Energy Security Initiative, Brookings Institution
Ditlev Engel VESTAS CEO
Chris Flavin WorldWatch Institute President
Dirk Forrister International Energy Trading Assocaiton
Ron Foudray Vice President, Ciber Intelligence Division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems
Darryl Hannah Actress and Environmental Activist
John Harpole President, Mercator Energy, and Director, Western Energy Alliance
John Hickenlooper Colorado Governor and former Petroleum Geologist
David Hobbs IHS Chief Energy Strategist
John Hofmeister Citizens for Affordable Energy CEO & former SHELL Oil Company (USA) President
John Holdren White House Office of Science & Technology Policy Director
Kristina Johnson U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy & Enduring Energy CEO
Lisa Jackson U.S. EPA Administrator and Cabinet member
Keryn James Environmental Resource Management
Elise Jones Environment Colorado Director
Suzanne Jones Former Regional Director, The Wilderness Society Colorado Office
Gregory Kallenberg Rational Middle, Energy Series
Vinod Khosla Green Investor and Sun Microsystems founder
Michael Knotek

Director of the Renewable And Sustainable Energy Institute

Fred Krupp Environmental Defense Fund President
Helge Lund STATOIL ASA President & CEO
Edward Markey U.S. Congressman
James Martin Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator
Hernan Martinez Torres Colombian Minister of Mines and Energy
Charley Maxwell Award-winning Weeden & Co. Energy Industry Analyst
Aubrey McClendon Chesapeake Energy CEO
Dennis McGinn
(Part 1) (Part 2)
Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment
Lee McIntire CH2MHill CEO
Ed Monser Emerson Electric
Philip Moeller Federal Energy Regulatory Commissioner
Ernest Moniz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative Executive Director and Former U.S. Undersecretary of Energy
Scott Moore ANADARKO Vice President of Marketing and Colorado Oil & Gas Association Chairman
Hisanori Nei Executive Director, JOGMEC (Japan Oil and Gas & Metals National Corp.)
and Former Deputy Director-General, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
David Neslin Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Executive Director
Marvin Odum SHELL Oil Company (USA) President
Joe Oliver Canadian Minister of Natural Resources
Peter Oosterveer President, Fluor Corporation Energy and Chemicals Group
Bill Owens

Former Colorado Governor and Director of Front Range Resources

Frederico Pena U.S. Energy Secretary and Secretary of Transportation
Thomas Petrie Petrie Parkman CEO (now Bank of America Vice President)
T. Boone Pickens Oilman and “Pickens Plan” Creator
Pedro Pizarro President & CEO, Edison International
Scott Pruitt Administrator, Environmental Protection Agency
Alex Pourbaix TransCanada, Energy and Oil Pipeline President
Jesús Frederico Reyes Heroles PEMEX Director General and former Ambassador to the U.S.
William Reilly National Oil Spill Commission Co-Chair & former EPA Administrator
Rhone Resch Solar Energy Industries Association President & CEO
Jerome Ringo Apollo Alliance President and former National Wildlife Federation Chairman
Bill Ritter Center for the New Energy Economy Director and former Colorado Governor
Peter Robertson CHEVRON Vice-Chairman
Jim Rogers DUKE Energy Chairman & CEO
Ken Salazar Interior Secretary and former U.S. Senator
Michael Saul National Wildlife Federation Associate Counsel, Rocky Mountain Regional Center
Glen Schmidt Laricina Energy President & CEO
Tisha Conoly Schuller Colorado Oil & Gas Association President & CEO
Larry Schweiger President & CEO, The National Wildlife Federation
Harris Sherman Agriculture Department Undersecretary & Former Colorado Natural Resources Executive Director
Matthew Simmons Simmons Companies, Int’l President and Former Energy Advisor to President George W. Bush
Christopher Smith U.S. Department of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy for Oil and Gas
Barry Smitherman Chairman, Railroad Commission of Texas
Eric Spiegel SIEMENS (USA) President
Ulrich Spiesshofer ABB
Jerre Stead IHS CEO
Yuval Steinitz Minister of Energy, Israel
Sir Nicholas Stern London School of Economics Professor & Global Energy Expert
Jay Still Pioneer Natural Resources Executive Vice President, and Colorado Oil and Gas Association Director
Dan Sullivan Senator, Alaska
Nobuo Tanaka Former International Energy Agency Director & OECD Science & Tech. Director
Sam Thomas President, Chairman & CEO, Chart Industries
John Tobin Energy Literacy Project Executive Director
Mark Udall U.S. Senator
Randy Udall Energy Expert & CORE Director
Michael Valocchi Vice President and Partner for IBM Global Industry Leader, Energy and Utilities
Jon Wellinghoff Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Tim Wirth U.N. Foundation President & former U.S. Senator
James Woolsey International Energy Expert & former CIA Director
Maria Zuber MIT & National Science Foundation

Bob Armstrong

Aaron talks with James Cameron, the writer and director of films such as Avatar, Titanic, Terminator 1 & 2, and True Lies. Cameron has also produced several documentaries about the Oceans and is a major advocate for Ocean ecosystems.

Aaron talks with the Administrator of the Enivronmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson

Aaron talks with venture capitalist and co-founder of Sun Microsystems Vinod Khosla.

Aaron talks with former U.S. Senator and President of the UN Foundation Tim Wirth.

Aaron talks with President of Shell Oil Company U.S.A. Marvin Odum

CERA Week 2012 Part 1 — The Keystone XL Pipeline

CERA Week 2013 - Alex Pourbaix

Alex Pourbaix, President of Energy and Oil Pipelines for TransCanada, talks about the Keystone XL Pipieline project. He discusses the scope and goal of the project, addresses concerns about environmental impact, and talks about his experience working with policymakers in Washington.

CERA Week 2012 Part 2— Mauricio Cárdenas & Helge Lund  

IHS CERA Week Part 1: William K. Reilly and Fredd Krupp
IHS CERA Week Part 2: Ditlev Engel, Nobuo Tanaka, Jesús Frederico Reyes Heroles,
and Hernan Martinez Torres

Energy Epicenter Part 1: John Hickenlooper, Jay Still, Mark Brownstein
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Sharon Burke
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Jason Bordoff
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Energy Epicenter Part 2: James Martin, Jack Coleman, David Hobbs, Scott Moore
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Energy Epicenter Part 3: Bill Ritter, Dave Neslin, John Hofmeister
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Energy Epicenter Part 4: Bill Owens, Peter Dea, Tisha Conoly-Schuller, Christopher Smith

John Holdren

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President and CEO of CH2MHill Lee McIntire
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Presidential Advisor for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology John Holdren
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The Energy Roundtable: Stakeholders Special Edition Part 1
(John Tobin, Mike Saul, Elise Hones, John Harpool)
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The Energy Roundtable: Stakeholders Special Edition Part 2
(John Tobin, Harris Sherman, Suzanne Jones, Howard Boigon) 
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Frederico Pena - Part 1
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Former CIA Director James Woolsey  
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2008 Democratic National Convention
Dan Arvizu, T. Boone Pickens, Rhone Resch, Earl Blumenauer, Jerome Ringo, Sir Nicholas Stern

Actor & Environmental Entreprenuer Kevin Costner  
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Aaron talks with the former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, General Wesley Clark.

Aaron talks with the President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, Larry Schweiger

Aaron talks with the Director of the Renewable And Sustainable Energy Institute,
Michael Knotek.

CERA Week 2013 - Joe Oliver & Mathias Becker

Joe Oliver, Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, discusses Canada's Energy Policy and how it relates to the U.S., including the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Mathias Becker, CEO of Renova Energia in Brazil, discusses the emerging wind energy industry in Brazil.
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CERA Week 2013 - Alex Cranberg

Alex Cranberg, Founder of Aspect Energy and Regent for the University of Texas, discusess his time in Iraq, and specifically Kurdistan, including his impression of the Kurdish people and how US Policy is shaping the region. He also discusses his position as Regent in the UT system and his thoughts on Higher Education funding.
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CERA Week 2013 - Nariman Behravesh

In this special episode from IHS CERAWeek in Houston, Texas, Aaron talks with the Chief Economist for IHS, Nariman Behravesh. Topics discussed include the U.S.'s continuing economic recovery, the culture in Washington D.C., the tax code, and the effectiveness of energy subsidies.
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CERA Week 2013 - George Biltz

In this special episode of "The Energy Roundtable" from IHS CERAWeek, George Biltz, Vice President of Energy and Climate Change for Dow Chemical Company, talks about Dow as a company and how you interact with their products daily—from home insulation to airplane de-icer, what they do with 850 thousand barrels of oil per day—more than the entire continent of Australia uses—and how they reduce the resulting Greenhouse Gases through efficiency. Also discussed is the impact on U.S. manufacturing that the recent boom of Shale and Natural Gas in North America has had, and why Biltz says it's a good time for the U.S. to be without a National Energy Plan.
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CERA Week 2013 - Jason Bordoff

In this special show from IHS CERAWeek in Houston, Texas, Jason Bordoff, Director for the Center on Global Energy Policy, Professor at Columbia University and former Special Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change at the National Security Council, discusses impacts of Climate Change already being felt, the need for immediate action, and how the United States and other governmental and organizational policies are taking us into the future.
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CERA Wekk 2013 - Tony Earley

In this special edition of The Aaron Harber Show: The Energy Roundtable from IHS CERAWeek in Houston, Texas, Aaron talks with Tony Earley, Chairman, CEO & President of PG&E Corporation. Topics discussed include: Electricity generation and the future of utility companies, renewable energy sources including hydro-power, wind, and solar, and how political strife in Washington is effecting the energy sector.
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CERA Week 2013 - Ron Foudray

Cyber Intelligence and Security is making front page news with increasing frequency in today's information age. In this episode, Aaron talks with the Vice President of Cyber Intelligence for Northrop Grumman Information Systems, Ron Foudray, about the future of cyber security, what it means for our governments, energy utilities, and personal information. He discusses the efforts of Northrop Grumman to protect it's customers, the benefits and flaws of consumer anti-virus software, and America's obsession with "hackers."
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In Part 1 of this special two-part series with Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (USN, ret.), President and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy, the future of energy generation in the US is discussed, including the role of renewables and their effect on our National Security. Also discussed: Citizenship and the lack of Civic participation and education in America today, and Leadership, including McGinn's thoughts, and stories of his role models—Abraham Lincoln and Colin Powell.
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In the conclusion of this special two-part series with Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn (USN, ret.), President and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy, the discussion focuses on the United States' lack of a "National Energy Plan," as well as Leadership, and specifically Leaders in the military.
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CERA Week 2013 - Peter Oosterveer

In this special "Energy Roundtable" episode from IHS CERAWeek, Aaron talks with Peter Oosterveer, the President of Fluor Corporation's Energy and Chemical's Group, which oversees the company's Oil and Gas operations around the globe. Topics discussed include the concept of "Energy Independence," the lack of a National Energy Strategy in the United States, the "game changer" of shale gas in North America, and the controversy surrounding Fracking.
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CERA Week 2013 - Barry Smitherman

In this special "Energy Roundtable" episode from IHS CERAWeek, Aaron talks with Barry Smitherman, the Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas (which has nothing to do with railroads!). They discuss the Commission and it's control over Texas' 1.6 million barrel per day oil production (equating to more oil than the U.S. imports from Saudi Arabia) and 19 billion cubic feet per day Natural Gas production (which accounts for over 30% of all U.S. production). They also talk about the hot-button issue of Fracking and the steps the RCT has taken toward safer regulation, the Pickens Plan, made famous by T. Boone Pickens, and Natural Gas. Plus: the culture in Washington, the lack of a National Energy Strategy, alternative fuel sources, and how we fix the Federal Deficit and Debt.
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In this episode of "The Energy Roundtable" Aaron talks with Jon Wellinghoff, the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The Chairman gives background on what FERC does and how it works with the 50 states and acts as a market regulator. Also discussed is the recent "explosion" of LNG—Liquefied Natural Gas, the future of "the grid" and energy sales in the U.S., and what Wellinghoff says was the biggest challenge of his tenure.
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