Free Colorado Civic Engagement Forum Featuring Students and

Law Enforcement Officials at 6:45 pm on Tuesday, September 15th

(informal networking event for all attendees to begin at 5:00 pm)


With a special introduction by Ken Salazar, former U.S. Secretary

of the Interior, U.S. Senator, and Colorado Attorney General


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Description: https://www.fbi.gov/news/galleries/stock-images/people/director-robert-s-mueller-iiiWho:  American hero (Bronze Star & Purple Heart) and former F.B.I. Director Robert S. Mueller, III --- the second-longest serving F.B.I. Director in U.S. history (more biographical information is at the end of this document).  There are no topical or subject restrictions on the questions which can be asked.

Robert Mueller said, “I look forward to discussing cyber security, terrorist use of the internet, balancing privacy and security, public service, and leadership with Aaron and the audience of students and law enforcement officials.” 


What:  All-encompassing discussion of issues of concern, especially to high school and college students.  The event will be recorded for television broadcast throughout Colorado and will be distributed across the country.  Topics to include Cyber Security, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Recruiting by Terrorists, Constitutional Rights, Public Service, Leadership, and issues raised by audience members. This event is being held to encourage discussions across various groups and generations about a wide range of issues, including those described above.  Its goal is to establish a successful framework for mutually respectful dialog on complex issues.  A special informal networking opportunity for all attendees will begin at 5:00 pm and all guests are to be seated by 6:45 pm, at the Denver Marriott City Center.


For this event and program, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder remarked, "As a dedicated public servant, Bob Mueller has done much to keep our country safe and to insure that our government adheres to our founding principles.  He also has always focused on the unique issues that our nation's youth must confront.  I am proud to have served with him during his time at the Department of Justice and when he led, so well, the FBI."


Audience:  High school and college students along with a wide range of State and Federal Law Enforcement Officers and Legal Officials plus elected officials and other members of the Public.


Moderator:  Aaron Harber, Host, “The Aaron Harber ShowTM” (Show: HarberTV.com; Bio: bit.ly/BioAH; brief show introduction video: bit.ly/ShowDemo).


Aaron Harber explained, “Given the challenges many communities are facing related to law enforcement and the number of highly publicized incidents we are seeing almost daily, our hope is this event will answer questions many citizens have and help bring people together.


Format:  Initial one-on-one Q&A by the Moderator (45 minutes) followed by an Audience Q&A (up to 45 minutes).


Register now for free tickets to this event at HarberTV.com/RSVP.

Although tickets (reservations) are free, all attendees must register in advance.


United States Attorney General Loretta Lynch commented, “Bob Mueller is an innovative leader, a remarkable public servant, and an exceptional advocate on behalf of the American people.  Throughout his career in law enforcement, he has taken on some of this country’s most pressing challenges.  He has strengthened our nation and empowered our communities.  And in every endeavor, he has worked to fulfill America’s highest priorities and most deeply-held values — of security, opportunity, and justice.


When:  6:45 pm to 8:45 pm, Tuesday, September 15, 2015.  The Ballroom lobby area will open at 5:00 pm for attendees to have the opportunity to informally network.  The audience should be seated and the Ballroom doors closed at 6:45 pm due to the television production of the event so please arrive between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm to have enough time to check-in at the event.


Denver Police Chief Robert White point out, “Former FBI Director Mueller has been a leader in Federal Law Enforcement for several decades. He is very knowledgeable about a wide array of issues we are facing in our communities today ranging from terrorism and cybercrime to privacy concerns.  This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to learn from him.”


Where:  The Colorado Ballroom, Denver Marriott City Center, 1701 California Street, Denver, CO 80202; phone:  303-297-1300.  For directions, go to HarberTV.com/Directions.  The event begins during Rush Hour so please give yourself plenty of time to get to the event


F.B.I. Director and former U.S. Deputy Attorney General James B. Comey related his sentiments as follows, “I must have been out of my mind to follow Bob Mueller.  I don’t know whether I ever can fill those shoes.  But I know that, however I do, I will be standing truly on the shoulders of a giant, someone who has made a remarkable difference in the life of this country.


Parking:  Public parking is available in the immediate area at evening rates of $5 and $6 for as long as you need to be there..  The hotel only has valet parking which can cost as much as $37.  Use this link to get parking information for the inexpensive lots: HarberTV.com/Parking


Tom Boasberg, Superintendent of Denver Public Schools opined, “We applaud Aaron Harber and Director Mueller for engaging directly with young people on issues around community safety, law enforcement, and justice.  These topics have come up again and again in conversations I have had with Denver Public Schools students.  Based on the thoughtfulness I have heard from our students, I anticipate the dialogue will be rich and productive.


Hotel Room:  The Denver Marriott City Center has a special rate of $201 per night for the event on September 14th and 15th so use this link, if you want a room on either or both nights:  HarberTV.com/Room.


Bill Ritter, Jr., former Governor of Colorado said, “I first met Bob Mueller when we served together in the mid-90's on the Attorney General's Executive Working Group.  Throughout my time as Denver District Attorney and as Colorado Governor, I followed Bob's career closely. As a United States Attorney and as our FBI Director, Bob served with distinction and honor every step of the way.  What a great coup for Aaron and Colorado to host Bob for an interview and for interactions with our students.”


Ballroom and Cellphone Details:  Please make certain your cell phones either are (1) turned completely off or (2) are on “silent” or “airplane” mode while in the Ballroom so as not to interfere with the sensitive recording equipment being used for the programs being produced from the event.  For your own personal use (and not for resale or for any use which involves remuneration), it is OK to take photographs as well as tweet, periscope, and post photos and comments online during and after the event.  Please make sure you attribute everything to “The Aaron Harber Show,” which owns all the content from the event.  Thank you very much for helping us with the television production.


Register now for free tickets to this event at HarberTV.com/RSVP.

Although tickets (reservations) are free, all attendees must register in advance.


Dr. Don Haddad, Superintendent of the St. Vrain Valley School District (which is sending over 100 students to the event), stated, "We appreciate the opportunity for our students to attend ‘The Aaron Harber Show,’ and participate in a conversation with esteemed civic leader, Robert Mueller.  As a district, we strive to expose all students to important discussions related to service, citizenship, and the constitutional rights of Americans.  This experience will strongly enhance the work we have done in our classrooms with these salient topics."   


Main Event Tickets:  The event with Director Mueller is free but, for security reasons, an online RSVP is required for each individual attendee.  For free tickets to the main event, register at  HarberTV.com/RSVP


Reservations must be made by 3:00 pm, Monday, September 14thFor security reasons, please be sure to bring a photo I.D. to the event for when you are checked in.  Thank you!


U.S. Senator Michael Bennet stated, “Open conversations like this one with students and law enforcement officials can foster a greater understanding of some of the challenges we’re experiencing in communities throughout our state.


Waiting List:  If the event is fully subscribed, you will be notified immediately that you have been placed on the Waiting List.  If a space becomes available for anyone on the Waiting List, an e-mail notification will be sent to you no later than the afternoon before the event.


Cancellation:  If you have made a reservation and find out you cannot make the event, please notify us immediately so someone else can attend.  Please send an e-mail to Jana@HarberTV.com.  Thank you for being considerate of others.


U.S. Attorney John Walsh noted, “Former FBI Director Robert Mueller is a passionate advocate of Justice, and those who attend this conversation will benefit both from his experience, not only as FBI Director, but also as a former U.S. Attorney.  Any conversation with Former Director Mueller is an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand the challenges of law enforcement, and the importance of community collaboration.”


Private V.I.P. Reception:  A private Reception will be held in the Penrose Room at the Denver Marriott City Center (1701 California Street, Denver, CO 80202) prior to the event.  All First Responders and their guests are invited to attend with no donation requested.  Otherwise a minimum donation of $25 per person is suggested but is not required.  Advance reservations are required for the Reception for anyone attending it.  Please make your reservation by 12:00 pm (noon) on Monday, September 14th.  Make your reservation online at bit.ly/MuellerTix.  You can send a check by mail, as provided, below, to the Democracy and Media Education Foundation.  The Private Reception begins at 5:00 pm and ends at 6:30 pm.


For this special program, former CIA Director and General David Petraeus described Mueller as follows, "A great fellow Princetonian, a distinguished public servant, and a tremendous partner in the government’s fight against terrorism."


Reception Reservations:  To attend the V.I.P. Reception, register at bit.ly/MuellerTix.  A minimum donation of $25 per person to help cover the costs of the Reception is suggested except for First Responders and their guests, who are invited to attend at no charge.  Please note, once a donation is made, there are no refunds.  If you cannot attend the Reception and have made a donation, your funds will be used to defray the cost of the event.  Due to restrictions on certain government attendees, the Reception is required to have a cash bar.  You can use the link to make a donation and/or reserve places for the V.I.P. Reception.  If you prefer, you also can register for the free tickets to the main event at the same time.  You also have the option of registering separately for the two events.  If you prefer to donate to the Reception via check, send your contribution with the check made out to “DMEF” along with your list of guests and their e-mail addresses to the following address:


            Mr. Matthew R. Silverman, Treasurer

            Democracy and Media Education Foundation

            3195 11th Street, Boulder, CO  80304-2527


Michael Chertoff, former U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, in reference to this program with students and law enforcement, observed, “With his deep experience and distinguished record, Bob Mueller is uniquely qualified  to educate citizens about the challenges of enforcing the law and combatting violence within our constitutional framework.


Information Privacy:  Your name and e-mail address are required so we can send you messages regarding news about the event and security issues as well as any changes in the venue or schedule as well as provide you updates on the television production or other aspects of the event.  Your information will not be made public by WilmerHale (Mueller’s firm), Blacktie Colorado, USA Talk Network or Aaron Harber.  It will not be sold to any third party at any time.  After the event, WilmerHale will destroy any copies of the list of registrants.  Furthermore, Blacktie online reservation database will be deleted and Blacktie will not retain any credit card (only for those who registered for the Reception) or other information unless you have given your permission for it to do so.


Register now for free tickets to this event at HarberTV.com/RSVP.

Although tickets (reservations) are free, all attendees must register in advance.


Dr. Bruce K. Messinger, Superintendent of the Boulder Valley School District, emphasized, "Our students are growing up in an age of almost exponential innovation in the sharing of information; the opportunities resulting from this growth are great as are the risks for our open society.  A forum with former FBI Director Robert Mueller presents an extraordinary and important venue for our nation's future leaders to intelligently discuss these opportunities and risks."


Event Schedule: The schedule is subject to change but, in the event of any significant change, registered participants will be notified by e-mail.


4:30 pm           Registration open for Reception (until 6:15 pm).

5:00 pm           Reception with Bob Mueller with Ken Salazar (ending at 6:30 pm)

5:00 pm           Lobby area opened for check-in (with photo I.D.) and attendee networking

6:00 pm           Doors open for the main event in the Colorado Ballroom (networking to continue)

6:45 pm           Doors close for the main event in the Colorado Ballroom

6:55 pm           Instructions for Audience re: television recording & Audience question procedure

7:00 pm           Welcome and Introductions by Ken Salazar (recorded for broadcast)

7:15 pm           “A Special Conversation With Robert Mueller” (recorded for broadcast)

8:00 pm           Audience Q & A with Robert Mueller (recorded for broadcast)

8:45 pm           Conclusion of program (recorded for broadcast)

8:45 pm           Aaron to stay to answer questions and talk with attendees (recorded for broadcast)

9:15 pm           Formal end of event


U.S. Senator Cory Gardner commented, “I thank Former FBI Director Bob Mueller for his service and his commitment to keeping our country safe.  I applaud Aaron and HarberTV for hosting this event and facilitating a discussion with young Coloradans.  As our country continues to face new and emerging threats both at home and abroad, it’s important that our youth is engaged so that we can unite to keep Colorado and America safe.


Broadcast Plan:  The television programs created from the event will be broadcast in 2015 and/or 2016 on Channel 3 KCDO-TV (K3 Colorado). ION Television (KPXC-TV statewide), and COMCAST Entertainment Television (CET statewide), and will be available 24/7 on COMCAST’s Xfinity on Demand statewide video on demand service.  Based on resource availability, the programs also may be distributed nationally in 2016 and 2017. 


Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show,” remarked, “Aaron, congratulations once again in changing the world and making it a better place.  I want to applaud you for having Director Muller speak to young folks and their parents about things that matter a lot to our country – cyber security is critical, the way terrorists use the Internet, balancing privacy and security – issues which, of course, are a concern for all of us.  And, at the end of the day, it’s about public service and really being a leader in our community.  So, pay careful attention to sage wisdom of Director Mueller.  Enjoy the conference and make sure the conversation goes long beyond the ending bell that will be sounded by Aaron Harber.(To view a video of Dr. Oz’s comments, go to HarberTV.com/OzShows.)


Mueller Questions:  To submit a question for consideration at the event, please send it via e-mail with your name and phone number (in case follow-up is needed for clarification) to Questions@HarberTV.com by 5:00 pm on Saturday, September 12, 2015.  Aaron will ask as many questions submitted by e-mail and from the audience as possible.


Invitation Online:  If you have trouble viewing this invitation or if any of the images in this document do not fully appear, go to HarberTV.com/Invitation.  You also may forward this invitation and/or the link to others.  


Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb noted, “We live in a time when students, especially minority students, often distrust law enforcement because of what they have seen firsthand, have heard from friends or have watched on the news.  What a perfect opportunity for young people to hear directly from former FBI Director Robert Mueller about the challenges of public safety. Aaron Harber should be thanked for making this event happen.


Show Background:  For more information on “The Aaron Harber Show TM” go to HarberTV.comFor the weekly program’s short Demo Reel, go to bit.ly/ShowDemoTo view the two programs Director Mueller previously did with Aaron, go to HarberTV.com/Mueller.  For additional information, please contact Jana Martin, Producer, at either 720-335-1414 or Jana@HarberTV.com.  Thank you!


Share This Information:  Please feel free to post this event on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, et cetera, as well as your own blog(s) and Website(s) so everyone knows they are welcome.  Thank you!


Register now for free tickets to this event at HarberTV.com/RSVP.

Although tickets (reservations) are free, all attendees must register in advance.


Sponsors and Sponsorship Opportunities:  The event is sponsored by USA Talk Network, Inc., The Colorado Statesman, the Rocky Mountain Harvard University Club, the University of Colorado Law School, Blacktie Colorado, and ColoradoBiz Magazine.  If you would like to sponsor (a) the Main Event, (b) the Reception, (c) the broadcast and distribution of the programs created from the event, and/or (d) the educational initiative to be created based on the event which will use segments and programs produced from the event and related content, please contact Jana Martin (Jana@HarberTV.com and 720-335-1414).  For details of the benefits Sponsors can receive for supporting this initiative, please go to HarberTV.com/Special


Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, former U.S. Senator, and former Colorado Attorney General Ken Salazar stressed, “FBI Director Bob Mueller has served our nation with distinction. For years, I have watched him work with great courage and selfless devotion to make our nation safer and tackle the most difficult national security threats faced by the United States in this century.


Restricted Use of Funds.  All funds raised for this nonprofit educational event go to expenses and activities related to the production of the event and the programming created from it including, but not limited to, the distribution of the programs and the use of the created content for solely for educational and/or informational purposes.

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Mueller Biography:  Below is a biography of Mr. Mueller.  It is very modest, as is Director Mueller, because it leaves out many of his extraordinary accomplishments and some of the stands he took to protect the American people.



Robert S. Mueller, III – F.B.I. Director, September 4, 2001- September 4, 2013

Robert S. Mueller, III served as the sixth Director of the FBI from September 2001 to September 2013.  He was nominated by President George W. Bush and was sworn in as Director on September 4, 2001 – just one week before 9/11.  His ten-year term was extended for an additional two years at the request of President Barack Obama and pursuant to legislation passed by Congress.


Mr. Mueller is currently a partner at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr LLP with offices around the world and across the country, including here in Denver.  His practice focuses on internal investigations, crisis management, privacy and cyber security. 


Born in New York City, Mr. Mueller grew up outside of Philadelphia.  He graduated from Princeton University in 1966 and later earned a master’s degree in International Relations at New York University.


After college, he joined the United States Marine Corps.  He served as a Marine officer for three years.  After attending Army Ranger and Jump Schools, he led a platoon of the Third Marine Division in Vietnam for one year. For his service, he received the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.  Following his military service, Mr. Mueller earned a law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1973 and served on the Law Review.


After completing his education, Mr. Mueller worked as a litigator in San Francisco until 1976.  He then served for 12 years as an Assistant United States Attorney, first in the Northern District of California in San Francisco, where he rose to be chief of its criminal division.  In 1982, he moved to Boston, where he investigated and prosecuted major financial fraud, terrorism, public corruption, as well as narcotics conspiracies and international money laundering.


After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, Mr. Mueller returned to public service.  In 1989 he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh.  The following year he took charge of its Criminal Division.  In 1991, he was elected Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.


In 1993, Mr. Mueller became a partner at Boston’s Hale and Dorr, specializing in complex white collar crime litigation.  He again returned to public service in 1995 as senior litigator in the Homicide Section of the United States Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C.  In 1998, Mr. Mueller was named United States Attorney in San Francisco and held that position until 2001. He then served as Acting Deputy Attorney General for several months before becoming FBI Director.


Register now for free tickets to this event at HarberTV.com/RSVP.

Although tickets (reservations) are free, all attendees must register in advance.


Aaron Harber concluded by expressing his excitement about the potential of the event, “I am honored to be able to help bring such a unique combination of members of our community together at such a critical time and am pleased so many people of all ages and backgrounds will get the opportunity to see each other as they truly are.  I am especially humbled and thankful that Bob Mueller is willing to make a special trip to Colorado and dedicate so much of his time to help us address some of the most critical issues we face today.


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