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Aaron's Crazy Race Diary - 2008
Day 7
A Day Off Could Become My Exercise Routine
Friday, April 25, 2008
30 Days Until Bolder Boulder

Despite my intent to get a good night's sleep, it didn't happen. The dogs were ready to go out at 4:00 am so I arose and got ready for the day so I could take them out. I weighed in at a still paunchy 206. I didn't feel as if I were making much progress on any front.

Although I needed the exercise, I had decided to take off the day so I would be well-rested for tomorrow's trail run on City of Boulder Open Space. The White Rocks trail was my favorite due to the variation in topography and vegetation. So, instead of exercising, I ate. What a lovely choice for someone allegedly in training.

The only time "training" truly played in my vocabulary was if someone used it with the word "table" - as in "training table." I remembered seeing training tables for athletes which were laden with piles of food. The team members would devour extraordinary amounts of food. Some wanted to bulk up but most of them worked so hard, they didn't gain a lot of weight. My problem was that, if I had a training table, I'd stay there all day.

The day was filled with show-related work and a series of problems which seemed nonstop. I also had to try and find a way to get the current and former U.S. Senators together for a taping of our U.S. Senate series. That was like herding cats. The schedules for former U.S. Senators Bill Armstrong (R), Hank Brown (R), Gary Hart (D), and Tim Wirth (D) were challenging enough. To add the current U.S. Senators, Wayne Allard (R) and Ken Salazar (D) to the mix along with the two candidates seeking to succeed Allard, Bob Schaffer (R) and Mark Udall (D) transformed the process into "Mission Impossible." That didn't stop me, however, from trying.

We also had been exploring the possibility of doing a program on Down Syndrome and had asked for advice from Michelle Sie Whitten, whose daughter, Sophia, had Down Syndrome. How our nation addresses developmental disabilities was a keen interest of mine.

The remainder of the day, once school was out, was devoted to Holly, the dogs, and household chores. It was nice to have a day off from exercise. I was interested in seeing how well I would do on tomorrow's long run.

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