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Aaron's Crazy Race Diary - 2008
Day 33
Not Running Was Too Nice...
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
4 Days Until Bolder Boulder

It was nice to not run today but, instead of taking a break, I went to the YMCA and did a weight workout. It was a rare event. I noticed my face was sore - right under my left eye. What was weird was that, if I applied pressure on the skin, it didn't hurt but if I moved my eye or head, it did. I decided to ignore it for now.

The weight workout didn't feel too bad and I was glad to have the variety. I had weighed in at 204, so I not only was not making progress but was losing ground. I now knew there was no way - short of major surgery - I would be running the Race at 180 to 185. Right now even 195 seemed out of reach but I would still see if I could get down to that weight. I knew every pound I could take off would help me immensely.

It was the usual routine with my daughter. We had to review some special plans for her to retake some tests in Science and Math but she seemed more than willing to get the job done - especially with summer vacation starting at the end of next week.

For breakfast, I ate six bowls of KIX - one of my favorite cereals and one I hadn't had in many months - with milk. Then I tackled the usual host of topics, calls, and e-mails.

Mid-morning, I took my eldest dog, Wally, for an ultrasound and tried to prepare myself for bad news. He had been losing weight and, for a 12½ year-old Golden retriever, that usually was not a good sign.

I received an invitation from the Aspen Institute to the Aspen Ideas Festival (AIFestival.org), so I was pleased to see that finally occur. This would be the third year in a row I attended and took a camera crew. Some of the most interesting people on the planet participated in this event so it was a wonderful opportunity for intellectual discourse which could be caught on camera. Some of my previous guests included Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Stephen Breyer, Bob Schieffer of CBS, Senator Arlen Specter, and Queen Noor of Jordan.

As part of my poorly thought-out crash weight-loss plan, I decided to skip lunch. I knew that could be a big mistake but decided to see how long I could hold out against my screaming fat cells - billions of which were banging their little knives and forks inside me, demanding to be fed.

I worked more and had a nice talk with former State Treasurer and Peace Corps Director Sam Brown. I had run into Sam, after a gap of many years, at the Aspen Ideas Festival last year so I thought I would call him to get ideas on where to house our television crew during this year's Festival. Sam was in Washington but had some good ideas. It was fun talking with him.

By 1:00 pm, I was starving so I gave in and had a giant salad with lettuce, sliced cabbage, carrots, and mandarin orange slices - doused with teriyaki sauce. Then I had several slices of Monterey Jack cheese, two glasses of milk, and a large piece of matzoh for my cracker. So much for my diet…

I had a really fun dental appointment and ended up walking out with a very numb mouth. While I could speak intelligibly (well, barely), I noticed I couldn't feel myself chewing in a normal manner. I almost chewed a few teeth!

I went grocery shopping, picked up Holly, took her shopping, then went and picked up poor old Wally, and headed home. Eating was a very strange experience but, as always was the case when it came to food, I managed. We dined on salmon burgers, rice, and an onion and broccoli dish. Milk was the order of the day beverage-wise.

I had a conference call for the TV show after dinner at 6:00 pm which lasted until 7:15 pm. That killed the evening. I noticed my jaw was sore - probably from chewing and putting pressure on my teeth but not knowing I was biting down too hard due to the numbness which had not completely worn off. This was a new experience for me. I called it a night at 9:30 pm, after helping Holly with her homework and taking care of the dogs, and was asleep by 10:30 pm or so. The Race was getting closer and I had to admit, I had not made much progress.

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