Columbine: 20 Years Later TM

The horrific Columbine massacre was the worst school shooting in history at the time of the event two decades ago on April 20,1999.  It was more extensively and more broadly televised “live” than any other school shooting in the history of broadcast television. 

The host of “The Aaron Harber Show,” Aaron Harber, moderated an extraordinary two-hour event at the Denver International Film Festival featuring a panel consisting of the five participants listed below who reflect on the event and their journeys over the past two decades.  The footage from the panel forms the core of the television series.

Using that exclusive footage, “The Aaron Harber Show TM” has created a special four-part series titled, “Columbine: 20 Years Later TM” which examines the tragic event primarily from the current perspective of several people who were victims of or otherwise involved in that horrendous attack.  In addition, a trauma expert joined the other panel members.

Looking back on their journeys since 1999 and offering expertise on the condition of survivors today are…

Frank DeAngelis, former Columbine High School Principal and Columbine attack Survivor.

Laura Farber, a Survivor of the Columbine shooting as a Freshman and the Producer of “We Are Columbine,” the documentary about the shooting.

Rebecca Wilson Kase, Psychotherapist, Trauma Expert, and Regional Director, Heart Centered Counseling.

Rick Kaufman, former Co-Leader, Crisis Response Team, Jeffco Public Schools Leadership Team (during Columbine), and former Executive Director of Public Engagement & Communications, Jeffco Public Schools.

Kiki Leyba, Columbine High School Teacher and Survivor who continues teaching at Columbine today.

This television series also incorporates separate one-on-one interviews with several of the panel members, many of whom reveal additional highly personal elements of the unique challenges about their own 20-year journeys..

In addition, the series incorporates extensive footage from the new film, “We Are Columbine.”  This extraordinary film traces the journey of several victims of the attack and, in a series of highly personal and revealing interviews, explores the impacts of the attack on each person over a two-decade period.  The trailer for the film can be viewed at

Aaron and our entire team would like to encourage everyone to see this amazingly well-done film so you can see the 20-year journeys delicately and respectfully documented by Laura Farber and her professional production team. 

The full-length feature film, “We Are Columbine,” is now available on iTunes at, Amazon Digital at, and Google Play.

Aaron stated, “I was honored to be asked to host this panel of incredible people and wish to sincerely thank each one of them for sharing such deeply personal reflections.  The film produced by Laura Farber is an amazing accomplishment.  I hope everyone either downloads it or actually goes to see it at a theater or event.

Film Producer & Director Laura Farber explained, “The film allows us to share our experiences, point out the lessons we learned from being at the center of a media circus, and talk about how we’re healing.  I found that sometimes we have to go back to the things that make us uncomfortable in order to move forward.”

On this page, a combination of the four programs has been produced for ease of viewing and is located at the top of this page.  This combined, long, single program includes all the content from the four half-hour programs but is slightly shorter because it excludes certain breaks.

The four individual programs produced for broadcast television are after this description followed by the trailer for the film and a trailer for our series.

As a result of the widespread real-time television coverage of the event as it unfolded, over many years it has engendered exhaustive local, regional, national, and international discussions of the following topics, among others:

…The role and expectations of on-site Resource Officers 

…Evaluating the efficacy of arming teachers and other school staff members

…Law enforcement response time & tactical decisions

…Law enforcement and Judicial System roles and failures in addressing potential threats

…Crisis response & intervention

…Second Amendment rights

…Gun control options & impacts

…Causes of Gun Violence & ways to mitigate it

…Mental health and identifying possible problems & threats in advance

…The interplay of multiple Constitutional Rights (e.g., the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments)

…Issues related to “copycat” behavior and the challenge of identifying potential obsessed perpetrators

…How each individual may be affected differently by the same stimuli

…Post-event counseling & long-term support

…Parenting roles and parental responsibilities & obligations

…The roles of television, movies, video games, music and other forms of entertainment which glorify violence

As we take this time at the 20th anniversary of the attack remembering those who lost their lives or were physically and/or emotionally injured, our nation is continuing the search for solutions to Gun Violence. 

This special broadcast television series is meant to inform Americans of the longevity of some of the impacts of Gun Violence and the need to no longer delay identifying and implementing truly meaningful solutions so future incidents are reduced in number and severity. 

The hope is that, someday, schoolchildren and their parents will no longer have to worry about whether or not they will be subject to another senseless attack.