A Personal Message from Aaron

Dear Friend,

Thanks for stopping by to visit our web site. We’re working hard to try and make “The Aaron Harber Show” the nation’s first truly interactive television show which is designed by viewers themselves. This is why I would love to hear from you. You can write or email us at [email protected].

I also want to encourage you to “pull no punches” — tell me what you like and what you don’t like about the show. Whether it’s about the show — a topic, a question, one of the guests, something I said, a facial expression, our “name-tags,” the set and background, any problems you have receiving the show via over-the-air (free) television or via cable or satellite — or the Web site itself, I would like to hear from you. Everything is “fair game” — no subject is off limits for you send me your feelings and comments on, at any time. That’s the whole purpose of an interactive show — what you feel and say matters more than anything else.

Many people want to know why we worked so hard to get “The Aaron Harber Show” on the air and to make it an interactive show. My personal goal is to create a forum where people — from celebrities to experts to public officials to businesspeople to artists to regular folks — can discuss and debate both important issues and not-so-important issues of the day for the educational and entertainment benefit of all viewers. The power of television is undisputed and “The Aaron Harber Show” is a great way to raise important issues, air different points of view, and give everyone a chance to participate.

This is why I am proud of the guests we have had and continue to have on the show. They represent people from all walks of life, all political and social perspectives, and all opinions. You will see people on “The Aaron Harber Show” who you will not see on any other show. So, providing access to more people has been and will continue to be an important goal. It is one we fulfill better than any other show we of which we are aware. And this is just one way we can use “The Aaron Harber Show” to make a difference.

Looking to the future, please tell me what topics you would like me to do for shows. What questions do you think I should ask? What guests should we invite to be on the program? If you just have a single idea, send it along. You don’t need to design the whole show. But if you are someone who has research at your fingertips, by all means, send it along! I can’t tell you how many ideas we consider and how much material we get submitted. We appreciate it and we try to review everything.

If there is a topic we should tackle, tell us. If there is a person you think would be a great guest, send in his or her name (if you can tell us how to get in touch with that person, that’s always a plus, too, but it’s not a requirement). Spend as much or as little time as you want — just do something to make this your show!

We also would like your ideas about this Web site. What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? How do we make it easier for you to use? What is on it which isn’t helpful? And what should we put on it which you’d like to see?

And whether you are commenting on the program or the Web site, please don’t be shy. Not only can we handle any criticism, we actually want your criticism. We absolutely believe the only was we will get better is by hearing from our viewers. They (and this means YOU!) are in the best position to tell us what they want.

While your submissions become the property of USA Talk Network, it’s only in the sense that we do not provide any remuneration for ideas, suggestions, research, or other information submitted to us. We do appreciate it, though, and can’t tell you how much it means to us to have your help.

Finally, please tell your friends, family, and colleagues about “The Aaron Harber Show.” Have them view the show with you. Direct them to this Web site. Our program’s success is based on the involvement of people such as yourself.

You can make a big difference by “spreading the word” and by giving us feedback. If you and people you know get on our automatic e-mail list, for example, and then forward our messages to everyone on your own e-mail lists, we can send out a message to a few hundred people and ultimately have it read by thousands. If most of those folks then watch the show, we’ll be able to reach many more people than TV industry executives and the critics expect. There’s no question, this is an “underdog” show and it’s always fun to see the “underdog” win.

Thanks, again, for helping make “The Aaron Harber Show” your show. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Aaron Harber