Usage Rights

USA-TN Policies Regarding Program Copies, Footage, and Other Rights Acquisition, and Usage, Transcripts, and Unauthorized Usage

All USA Talk Network, Inc. programs, video images, still images, audio, text, copy, and all other material and data, as well as all rights (including but not limited to copyrights and other proprietary rights) associated with each program (individually and collectively referred to hereafter as the “material”) are owned solely by USA Talk Network, Inc. (“USA-TN”) and Aaron Harber.  Re-broadcast, publication, distribution, reproduction, copying, transmission, or any other use or conveyance of any material, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of an officer of USA-TN or Aaron Harber.

CD, DVD, VHS, and all other digital or electronic copies or versions of complete programs for private use may be obtained by sending payment of US $175 per half-hour program plus $25 ($75 outside of the United States) for handling and shipping to USA Talk Network, Inc. (contact USA-TN for locations where payments may be sent along with instructions for delivery).  These copies are exclusively for private viewing, are not for broadcast, publication, or any kind of disclosure, distribution or other use — in whole or in part — and are subject to all the restrictions herein.  The copies may not be used for viewing by more than 100 people at a time or else the usage will be considered public in nature and subject to the fees and rates, below, for unauthorized broadcast and/or other use.  Furthermore, there can be no charge to any third-party, at any time, for viewing such non-public copies.

Unless advised otherwise, at no cost, any party may establish a link to complete programs on the appropriate USA-TN authorized Website (i.e., where USA-TN television programs reside, as long as no changes or modifications are made to the USA-TN Website hosting the programs or to the programs themselves.

In the event you wish to use a program, photo, image, audio or video segment, or any part thereof for any kind of broadcast, publication, distribution, or other purpose (such as in or part of a commercial or political advertisement or in any kind of commercial or political material), you must obtain prior written permission from USA-TN and pre-pay any applicable charges. To license footage, there is a flat, non-refundable administrative fee of $7,500 per request and a separate and additional charge of $725 per second of program for the first 15 consecutive seconds or portion thereof which are used and $575 per second for any time after the first 15 consecutive seconds.  In the event non-consecutive sections are used, the fee always begins again for each sequence of continuous footage at the $725 per second rate plus the one-time, separate flat, non-refundable administrative $7,500 request fee. 

Single images may be licensed for limited use at a rate of $2,500 per image plus the flat, non-refundable administrative request fee.

In all usage cases, the graphic for The Aaron Harber Show™ or any other USA-TN program (usually located at the bottom left side of the screen), always must be included in your usage and cannot be deleted, covered in any way or to any degree, blocked out or otherwise modified.  Licensed material may be used for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months following the date of the initial request for the material. 

All usage rights granted to you by USA-TN, without exception, expire when that one-year time period ends.  Any extensions, if any are approved by USA-TN or Aaron Harber, must be negotiated separately and must be in writing.  Material and any usage rights thereto are not assignable or transferable.  These are the licensing terms for all material and the making of a payment by the licensee is considered its agreement to these terms.  These terms and any orders can be confirmed by e-mail so no other documentation is required unless requested by one of the parties.

In the event footage is used and permission from USA-TN is granted ex post facto, the payment due USA-TN includes an additional administrative fee of $15,000 and a per second charge for the footage of $1,500 per second for each and every second used.  No guarantee is made by USA-TN or Aaron Harber that footage used without advance permission will be approved retroactively. 

In the event footage is used and written permission from USA-TN or Aaron Harber has not been obtained, there is an automatic administrative fee of $25,000 and a per second charge for the footage of $17,500 per second plus any costs and other damages allowed by law, including, but not limited to legal fees & costs incurred by USA-TN and/or Aaron Harber plus interest on all amounts due USA-TN and/or Aaron Harber, for any reason and without exception, at a rate of 1¾% monthly compounded daily.

In the event you wish to have am electronic transcript of a program, please send your program request, along with a non-refundable payment of $250 per program to USA-TN and allow 15 business days for delivery of the transcript.  The $250 fee applies to each half-hour program and applies only to program content (i.e., not to whatever is in the program’s breaks).  For multiple programs or for programs of greater length, simply apply the rate proportionately (i.e., two half-hour programs or a one-hour program transcript costs $500).

All requests must be prepaid.  The fee for handling, shipping, and delivery is a separate charge and the method of shipping usually is selected by the licensee.  This handling & shipping charge typically is $50 per program or segment delivered by USA-TN.  Please note than transcriptions are not verbatim.

USA-TN reserves the unilateral right to reject, without cause, any request for material, if it believes honoring such a request would be injurious or otherwise detrimental to the best interests of USA-TN. Aaron Harber, or any broadcast, other electronic, or print partner or program participant. In such cases, there will be no administrative or other charges and all prepaid fees will be fully (i.e. 100%) refunded.

In addition to the amounts stated above, unauthorized use of any USA-TN program will be fully prosecuted and damages will be sought at a substantially higher rates (e.g., 100 times) than the above-posted rates plus legal fees will be sought so please be certain to get written permission in advance from an officer of USA-TN before using any material.  For more information, e-mail  Your cooperation with these policies is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.