The Aaron Harber Show: Election 2020™

Welcome to our Election 2020 series page!  Our goal is to provide you with the opportunity to see and hear in-depth discussions about the often complex ballot issues about which Colorado voters have to make decisions.

We have 12 different programs for you which include the major statewide ballot issues and several of the most important ones on the ballots of citizens in the City & County of Denver. 

Statewide Ballot Issues: Amendment B; Proposition EE; Propositions 113, 114, 115, 116 &117, and 118. 

Denver Ballot Issues: 2A; 2C, 2D, 2E & 2G; 2J; 4A & 4B. 

Special Program: Expert Panel Predictions featuring Political Consultants Dick Wadhams (R) versus Steve Welchert (D)

Just scroll down to find each program.

We’d like to thank Anna and John Sie, and Michelle Sie Whitten, and the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation for providing the funding to produce these nonpartisan, educational programs as a gift to all Colorado communities.  Please do thank them, if you have the opportunity.

We welcome your comments! Please send them to [email protected]

Thank you for viewing our programs! 



Amendment B: Gallagher Amendment Repeal and Property Tax Assessment Rates Measure

Proposition EE: Nicotine Tax

Proposition 113: National Popular Vote

Proposition 114: Gray Wolf Reintroduction

Proposition 115: 22-Week Abortion Ban

Propositions 116 & 117: Decrease Income Tax Rate & Exemption of Voter Approval from TABOR

Proposition 118: Paid Family Leave


2A: Denver Climate Change Tax

2C, 2D, 2E & 2G: Denver City Council Control of Services, Transportation, Appointments, and Budget

2J: Pit Pull Ban Repeal

4A & 4B: Denver Public Schools Tax

SPECIAL PROGRAM: Expert Panel Predictions

Political Consultants - Dick Wadhams (R) versus Steve Welchert (D)