Martin Baron

Legendary journalist, Martin Baron is the Executive Editor of “The Washington Post,” under whom fourteen Pulitzer Prizes have been awarded. The well known movie “Spotlight” is a depiction of Mr. Baron’s actual investigative journalism team and their journey discovering the systematic sexual assault that was going on in the Catholic Church. 

Mr. Baron has worked in the industry for decades and transformed The Post’s business model to comport with changing times and technology by adding platforms like Snapchat to their output. His acceptance of new media is a relief amongst an industry full of grumpy old reporters, longing for the good old days and his predictions of the industry’s future is hopeful.  As the head of one of the biggest and most notable papers in this country, it’s fun to hear Marty talk about the necessity for more local journalism, especially the need for political reporters covering the State Legislature. He expresses his frustration with the prevalent hostility surrounding American politics, which he blames on tribal human behavior.

They spend a bit of time analyzing Trump, and Baron explains that the President’s mastery of the media is a trick he’s been perfecting for decades as a businessman in New York, anonymously calling in tabloid tips about himself to the press. The interview will leave you with hope for our country and a renewed sense of the critical role the free press plays American society.