Gillian Caldwell

Gillian Caldwell, an investigative documentary producer, expounds on her recent successes in both Bought and Sold, and Citizen Koch documentaries. Bought and Sold sheds light to the current state of human trafficking. Caldwell exposes corrupt tactics used in the Russian Mafia through undercover journalism. Citizen Koch alludes to the impact of political fundraising. Caldwell uses examples of the Koch brothers and George Soros to show the direct impact hard money can have on campaigns and elections. She shares her experiences as CEO of Global Witness, an organization specializing in the awareness of anonymous companies. Global Witness looks at many precious commodities in the market such as gems, timber, and coal. Caldwell looks to marginalize the money laundering, the corruption in nations where these markets are prevalent. The Global Witness team is responsible for uncovering many unjust practices carried out in unregulated industries.