Mona Charen

Mona Charen, syndicated columnist and author of “Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love and Common Sense,” tackles the controversial subject addressing the serious decline in women’s happiness. Citing key studies and statistics, Charen shows how, despite many significant gains for women in the last decades, including the right to vote and more equal treatment and payment in the workplace, those advances have not resulted in women being happier and, in fact, the happiness of women has actually shown to be decreasing. Charen, who describes herself as an “Equity Feminist,” celebrates the advance of Women’s Rights but argues Feminism has been “at war with Nature.” Although not a fan of President Barack Obama politically, Charen believes Obama was a great example of a family man and shows the American people what a great father could be. Charen focuses on “what the Science says” about men and women, especially in regard to Feminism, which she asserts erroneously claims “men and women are the same.” She explains how Feminism introduced bitterness and anger towards men on a societal scale. In the same vein, she argues today’s “Hook-Up Culture” is anti-woman because it has degraded deep and intimate relationships — which she believes are what most women truly want. Furthermore, Charen sees the #MeToo movement as a positive rebellion against the Sexual Revolution which, she believes, is good for Society. She delves into the realm of single parenting, arguing it is bad for everyone involved not only because is financially straining but also very psychologically burdensome on the parent and the child. While single parenthood isn’t ideal for anyone, she explains that young boys are especially hit by the negative impacts of not having a father figure in their lives. The reduction of teen pregnancy (by 50%) in this country has been a huge success, but the instances of single parenthood have gone up. Sadly, she shares that love and being loved has become a class distinction, a caste of sorts, shutting out many who don’t have a “significant other” and making them feel less of a person because of it. She posits that “Equality is not equivalent to Sameness,” and that Sameness is what Charen fears and believes we should fight against. ,