Debbie Dooley

Don’t get confused, Debbie Dooley, a steadfast conservative and co-founder of the American Tea Party, also is a passionate clean energy and conservation advocate. As the President of Conservatives for Energy Freedom, she has been speaking, organizing and educating voters in Florida, Alabama, and Nevada to pass legislation that promotes the use of clean energy over fossil fuels.

Her conversion to climate conservation began with research into the facts about energy production and consumption in her home state of Georgia. While still a strong supporter of many conservative politicians, including President Donald Trump, she defends her support of the President, despite his emphatic denials related to Climate Change.

Dooley posits that recognizing the impacts of Climate Change and the need to address the impacts of humans represent Conservative values which have been distorted by Energy companies and their associates — such as the Koch brothers — who she believes have intentionally mislead the American people.