Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres, the Convener of Mission 2020 — the follow-on to the Paris Climate Agreement — is a global strategy to rapidly reduce carbon emissions. Figueres reveals the specifics of the Mission 2020 environmental campaign. These include (1) much greater utilization of renewable energy, (2) decarbonizing buildings & infrastructure, (3) achieving zero emissions for all new forms of transportation, (4) reducing deforestation & creating healthier forests, (5) getting heavy industry to be Paris Compliant, and (6) getting the world to invest $1 trillion in climate action annually. Along with giving her perspectives on the Paris Climate Agreement and the role of the Trump Administration — with the President announcing his intent to leave the Paris Climate Agreement as soon as possible (i.e., the day after the 2020 Presidential Election) — Figueres focuses on the implications of rising carbon emissions throughout the world from third world countries in the Caribbean to wealthier countries like Saudi Arabia. Though the impact of Climate Change is significant, Figueres outlines a path to decrease its effect so as to moderate its impacts.