Brian Grazer

Iconic Hollywood Producer Brian Grazer — whose work has been nominated for 43 Oscars and 131 Emmys, including films such as “Apollo 13,” “The DaVinci Code,” “Liar Liar,” and television shows such as “Parenthood,” “24,” Arrested Development,” and “Empire” — shares many entertaining stories with Aaron about his work. He reveals how he met his long-time business partner, famed director Ron Howard, when they both were relatively new to the industry, and how he worked his way up in the cutthroat entertainment industry. Brian explains some of the challenges he had creating some of his most financially and critically successful movies — from “Splash” to “A Beautiful Mind — and how he overcame those hurdles. In addition to the television broadcast program featuring Brian, his insightful and inspiring book, “A Curious Mind,” is the primary topic of our Web special (see, below) where Brian shares some of the secrets of his success — i.e., the importance of strategic thinking, persistence, and listening skills in conversation.

Grazer Web Special from Aaron Harber on Vimeo.