Yasmin Green

Yasmin Green is the Director of Research and Development at Jigsaw, formerly Google Ideas. Jigsaw is a technology incubator within the Alphabet family that focuses on building and deploying technology to make the world a safer place (Jigsaw.Google.com). Aaron and Yasmin engage in an extensive conversation about ISIS, the success it has had via the Internet, and the threats posed by the terrorist organization in the Cyber World. One focus of their discussion is how ISIS targets specific demographic groups via the Web and especially its effect on younger populations. Yasmin explains how Jigsaw designed a program to steer people away from ISIS propaganda and advertising, and instead redirect them to the harsh and sometimes fatal realities of life under ISIS rule. Other topics discussed on the program include Fake News, Google search analytics and their impacts, and finally, the roles and status of women in high technology as well as the special challenges they face.