Ted Halstead

Ted Halstead is the Founder, President, and CEO of the Climate Leadership Council. The Council has developed a solution to the political gridlock when it comes to addressing Climate Change by proposing a Free Market-based Carbon Tax in exchange for the elimination of burdensome environmental regulations. The Free Market approach and the elimination of regulations are attractive to Republicans and the significant decreases in Greenhouse Gas emissions which would occur due to the Carbon Tax are attractive to Democrats. , Halstead explains the details of the plan and many reasons for why it is the best one for the country. With backing from former Secretaries of State and Secretaries of the Treasury James Baker, Hank Paulson, and George Schultz, Halstead posits the proposal has a good chance of getting approved by the Republican-controlled House and Senate as well as the White House, He addresses the specific need for a rollback of regulations to gain Republican support and argues America still can meet its goals under the Paris Climate Agreement simply by following this plan, even though President Trump has disavowed the Agreement. Under the CLC’s plan, everyone would get a rebate with the amount beginning at approximately $2,000 per family. Halstead claims a majority of Americans would receive more from the rebate than they paid in increased costs due to the Carbon Tax. This would be due to the fact the rebate would be the same for all citizens, regardless of income.