John Hickenlooper

For his twelfth appearance on the show, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper reveals what he believes his Administration’s accomplishments have been and what else he hopes to achieve before his term end in January of 2019. He also answers some of the criticisms that Republican Primary Gubernatorial candidates had for him in their own, separate interviews with Aaron when they accused Hickenlooper of reigning over a poor Economy (Hickenlooper points out Colorado’s Economy was ranked #1 in the nation multiple times) and made other similar complaints . The Governor posits how impactful his Administration has been over the last seven years in solving critical issues ranging from transportation challenges to the astounding reduction in teen pregnancies and teen abortions (i.e., by over 60%). Hickenlooper also discusses his thoughts about running for President of the United States as well as what his decision process and timing will be. More personally, Hickenlooper shares insight he gained from Jerry Brown, the Governor of California, about managing his time wisely, which occurred when they met privately at the California Capitol. The Governor also gives his advice for anyone elected into an executive leadership position in government.

John Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado, talks about how he became interested in Public Service and how he then created a path to make government more transparent and accountable. He explains how his business experiences taught him about the importance of collaboration and how he has utilized that knowledge to make government more effective. He also discusses specific issues such as the challenges presented by limited water in the State and how we need to better manage this precious resource.

SPECIAL 5-MINUTE WEB SEGMENT: Governor John Hickenlooper shares his wisdom regarding what constitutes leadership and his opinion about who qualifies as great leaders. He tells stories from his youth explaining his journey to becoming the leader of the State of Colorado.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper answers questions about how he would run his office if he wins a second four-year term in office. Hickenlooper explains his interest in and emphasis on the work he has done in his first term to improve early childhood education. He and Aaron also talk about the importance of focusing on taking care of those with mental health needs and issues. They focus on Colorado’s need for more affordable housing and the ways Hickenlooper plans on encouraging builders to provide more housing options for middle class and poorer Coloradans.

John Hickenlooper at the 2008 DNC

John Hickenlooper on Energy

John Hickenlooper, Democratic Nominee for Governor

John Hickenlooper, Gubernatorial Forum Part 1

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John Hickenlooper, Denver Mayor