Ken Davis

Ken Davis, the President and CEO of the Mount Sinai Medical Center — whose 6,500 physicians and 38,000 employees handling almost 4 million patient visits annually are directed by him — is a national leader in the healthcare industry and shares his thoughts on what is wrong with our insurance and health coverage systems in the U.S. and how he would like to see them changed. He explains how the Fee For Service model in medical care unnecessarily drives costs up and offers the concept of “capitation” as a viable alternative. Under capitation, health care and medical providers are given a set sum to care for their patients and meet certain standards. If they do this efficiently and effectively, they can make a substantial profit while limiting the costs paid by insurers and government agencies. If they fail, they would lose money. Issues such as inappropriate restrictions on governments’ ability to negotiate drug prices as well as how medical care payers could limit costs on their own by insisting that generics be used are additional topics covered in the show. Dr. Davis also explains the need for the FDA to have a more efficient process for approving generic drugs that only have slight differences in the side-affects they may cause, if any.