Robert Mueller

This special series, produced in 2018, features former FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, speaking at a private event organized and recorded by “The Aaron Harber Show TM” prior to his appointment by the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) as the Special Counsel (e.g., Special Prosecutor) in the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential Election.

We decided to create this series because Robert Mueller is referenced in the news daily by a number of parties but he does not personally respond to statements made about him. Because most Americans have not had the opportunity to see him in an unrehearsed setting, we have created this opportunity as a public service for citizens to hear Mueller firsthand discussing his career prior to serving as DOJ Special Counsel and make their own evaluations of him.

In the beginning, Aaron describes the event featuring Mueller to the audience consisting of over 200 personnel from the FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service, Federal Marshalls, Police Captains and Officers, Sheriffs and Sheriff Deputies, Firefighters, DOJ officials, other Homeland Security personnel and other First Responders along with 200 high school students from communities across Colorado and 100 invited members of the public.

Aaron then hands the microphone over the former Secretary of the Interior and former U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, who was Mueller’s law partner at the time the event was recorded. Salazar gives a detailed explanation of his history and relationship with Aaron and then goes on to give a similarly detailed introduction of Mueller.

Mueller then takes the stage to answer questions posed by Aaron, who already did two full-length programs with the him when he was the Director of the FBI.

Watch the complete live event with Robert Mueller broken into four 30-minute segments.

Here are two full-length programs featuring Robert Mueller when he was the Director of the F.B.I.