Jeff Orlowski

Jeff Orlowski is the Director, Producer and Cinematographer of the award winning documentary, “Chasing Ice,” as well as the brand new documentary “Chasing Coral”. As an environmental-oriented filmmaker, Jeff delivers a poignant message of the urgency to stop or slow the destructive alteration of our environment at the Poles and now globally in our coral reefs. His movies are extremely well shot, often with new technologies created at or around the time of shooting the footage. In “Chasing Coral,” you’ll see the sadness in Jeff ‘s eyes and on the face of Jeff’s friend, Zack Rago, the “Coral Nerd,” when they are watching the beautiful corals of the sea die before their very eyes. The amazing footage is devastating in its portrayal of what is happening below the surface of our oceans. Despite this, the film is one of hope, encouraging the education of our youth who will grow up to work for the preservation of the coral reefs.