Jeff Sessions

United States Attorney General, Jeff Sessions focuses on his dedication to and belief in the importance of “the Rule of Law” as the bedrock foundation for the nation and the philosophy of the U.S. Department of Justice. He describes the success he already has had in increasing the number of federal prosecutors in the field across the country and believes that will make the Department far more effective. At the same time, Sessions expresses his frustration that in addition to the presence of outdated laws, there also are too many regulations on the books which are hampering the work of prosecutors and judges throughout the nation. He explains how and why, in the last 5 years, Federal Prison populations are down and sees that as a success story for the Department. Sessions explains why he has focused on the pursuit of MS13 gang members and describes many of the criminal activities in which they are involved. One example he gives was the violent murders of two 16-year-old girls. He also tackles the legal challenges related to the debilitating crisis of opioid addition in America. Sessions describes how he is working to address the over-prescription of opioids by prosecuting doctors who are too liberally prescribing these addictive painkillers to patients. At the end of this conversation, while Sessions concedes there are possible medicinal values in marijuana, he makes it clear he is staunchly opposed to it legalization. This is illustrated by his comment, “…just because you can extract something from marijuana, perhaps that has medicinal value…there is no doubt it is very damaging to young people.”