Steve King

In Part One of this two-part series, Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Iowa, gives his definition of what it means to be a Conservative today. This episode focuses on immigration with discussion of the concept of the Rule of Law, the differences between Diversity & Assimilation, Asylum criteria & processes, what to do with DACA kids, and the interplay of Christian principles. King outlines his ideas about how to address challenges created by illegal immigration into America and potentially benefit the home countries of the immigrants by sending undocumented immigrants back to their countries of origin to promote democracy and American values yet he also argues many of these countries suffers from extreme corruption. He details the need for immigrants to assimilate into American culture while maintaining elements of their own heritages and traditions. Aaron suggests a modified version of the Congressman’s proposal by using the already established Peace Corps structure to create opportunities for undocumented immigrants with their service then qualifying them for citizenship.

In Part Two of this two-part series, Congressman Steve King debates the efficacy, efficiency and economic impacts of using ethanol as part of our vehicle fuel mix. The Congressman and Aaron disagree on the Federal Government’s requirement that Ethanol be added to gasoline at certain times. King expresses his concerns about U.S. intellectual property being stolen illegitimately by Chinese hackers and legitimately by overreaching contract requirements for doing business in China. In his earlier days as a Congressman, King devised what he calls the “Fair Tax” — a consumption or national sales tax. He posited that it would replace our overly complex and burdensome Tax Code, would eliminate Federal Employment taxes, and could mean eliminating the IRS. Aaron asks King why Republicans — who control the House, the Senate, and the White House — have talked about a Balanced Budget for the Federal Government for years but never propose an actually balanced Budget.. Finally, in the last part of the show, Aaron and King, discuss the best way to fix the US healthcare system and whether or not that includes the Public Option — such as buying into Medicare or something similar — which King one proposed but no longer supports. King also argues a compromise on abortion is needed by the country and proposes a ban on any abortion once a heartbeat can be detected in a fetus.