Phil Weiser

In Part 1 of this two-part series Phil Weiser, the Democratic nominee for Colorado Attorney General highlights the Attorney General’s role representing, protecting and defending the people of Colorado. He explains his focus on the need for fairness in the Legal System for all Coloradans as well as his emphasis on environmental goals. Largely unimpressed with current Attorney General, Cynthia Coffman, Weiser details the absence of her leadership on critical issues including the lack of defense against U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions on immigration policies. He argues that bans on people due to religion and separating children from their parents at U.S. borders are antithetical to American values and laws. Weiser addresses Coffman’s failure to join other States in challenging proposed changes in the upcoming Census which are guaranteed to hurt Colorado by undercounting its residents and, hence, losing Federal funding which otherwise would be due the State. One of the specific reforms Weiser proposes is to eliminate unjust bail policies which allow individuals of means more libertt than those worse off financially. Weiser addresses solutions of the problems created by opioid abuse as well as the ways this is impacting smaller communities and our prison system. Regarding incarceration, Weiser focuses on rehabilitating prisoners by training them while in prison with skills that can be used post-release. He cites successful programs like CrossPurpose which he proposes Colorado scale up in order to make a significant difference in reducing recidivism Weiser emphasizes the detriment to Society of a Criminal Justice System which often negatively impacts people for life by giving them a “record” when better alternatives exist for all concerned (e.g., such as Restorative Justice and other cost-effective diversion programs). He also targets the flaws in the Private Prison arrangements made by Colorado and the risks it creates for the State. Weiser also addresses multiple concerns related to the marijuana industry, including youth access, black market sales, distribution across state lines, and the need for a banking system to eliminate the dangerous cash-centric FEATURE of the current business. In Part 2 of this two-part series Phil Weiser, the Democratic nominee for Colorado Attorney General, details why he is against Death Penalty, citing the $6 to $12 dollars spent by Colorado taxpayers on the Aurora theater shooting trial. Weiser explains why his campaign is focused on the importance of the Attorney General ensuring Coloradans have a clean environment in which to live. He plans on doing this, in part, by addressing the need to cap orphan wells and seal abandoned mines. His priority on improving gun safety includes banning bump stock, implementing a Red Flag law, developing and implementing requirements for safe gun storage, and limiting magazine sizes. Weiser argues that the State and the Energy Industry can successfully work together to address environmental challenges by citing the innovative Methane Rules developed by a group which included governmental, industry, and environmental representatives which became national model. He also posits that the Attorney General’s office needs to do far more to protect citizens from the financial scams and personal data breaches which too frequently occur and often target elderly Coloradans.