Peter Wittig

Peter Wittig, German Ambassador to the United States, addresses the challenges President Donald Trump has created for the relationship between Germany and America but maintains his own positive outlook on how important the two countries are for each other and how well they continue to work together. Ambassador Wittig also discusses issues related to international trade and references the large presence German manufacturing companies — especially for vehicles — have in the U.S. and the value that provides (including innovation Germany is bringing to the U.S. via such initiatives as its apprenticeship programs). Wittig references Germany’s increased commitment to defense spending and the critical importance of NATO. The former Chairman of the United Nation’s Security Council expresses Germany’s respect for England’s decision to leave the European Union despite his country’s disappointment and frustration with it. Ambassador Wittig explains that, since England’s decision to leave the EU, the rest of the countries in the European Union have rallied together and actually now are stronger than before. Additionally, he shares his country’s perspective on the success it has had for decades providing universal healthcare to its citizens and how it works so well for Germany, given its extraordinary origin during Bismarck’s reign. To view a continuation of the discussion with Ambassador Peter Wittig, watch the “Web special” exclusively available only on this page (below).