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Aaron’s Crazy Race Diary – 2008 Day 10

Maybe I Do Have a Shot at This After All
I Can See Some Progress but it May Not Be Soon Enough…

Monday, April 28, 2008
27 Days Until Bolder Boulder

Today started well because I slept in all the way to 4:30 am, hence giving me 5½ hours of sleep. I got through my usual morning routine, walked the dogs, and headed to the YMCA to meet Angela. We hit the trail and I felt pretty good.

We saw a fox near the road and were concerned for its safety. It was at the beginning of our run – we had run only ½ a mile or so at that point – and the fox was on the sidewalk next to 95th Street (Colorado Highway 42). It saw us and ran away, safely into the bushes. While we both hoped it was the same fox we had been seeing, it was interesting talking about the fox because we both were uncertain if it was the same creature. This one could have been the same but appeared to be tinged with a little more gray.

We talked as we ran, with each of us going over what we did for the weekend and then discussing our work challenges. Angela’s discussion of looking for a new car reminded me I needed to get another vehicle soon. Mine was ready to disintegrate after having being driven hard for over 200,000 miles.

Except for stopping to watch the fox, this time we ran the entire distance without stopping. My estimate was the route was about 1½ miles each way or 3 miles roundtrip. I wore my new plain white headband for the first time and it worked marvelously. It not only kept the sweat from going into my eyes and blinding me but also seemed to keep my head and ears warm. I was surprised such a little band could do so much. It was the best $1.75 I ever had spent.

My weight was now at 203 so I felt I still had a chance to hit 200 by the end of the month – only two days away. Discipline and willpower had to be my watchwords.

At home, I got Holly up and made her a smoothie out of Dreyer’s butter pecan ice cream, milk, a banana, and tons of blueberries. It tasted great. She hated it so I ended up consuming almost all of it after I took her to school.

It was a day filled with work-related calls, messages, writing, and the usual juggling of seven different projects. That’s my life and I’m not complaining.

For dinner, I made smoked sausage as the entrée along with some vegetables. Holly liked the sauce I made from mustard and mayonnaise with a few spices tossed in for good measure. After homework, we both called it a night at 10:00 pm.