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Aaron’s Crazy Race Diary – 2008 Day 11

Backsliding With Little Time to Recover
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
26 Days Until Bolder Boulder

After shooting a few baskets at the YMCA, we hit the trail. The weather was perfect and I had gotten a solid 5 hours of sleep – less than I wanted but more than usual. I could tell, however, I was tired and knew this would be a tougher run than yesterday when I had felt quite good.

It was a balmy 40°F and I liked that temperature. That was my ideal running temperature – warm enough so I didn’t freeze but cold enough to keep me cool for most of the run.

We saw “our” fox once again and were amazed at how he or she seemed to always be around. Once again it was too near the street for our comfort. We were concerned it might get hit by a car. I ranked foxes in-between coyotes (who seemed very smart when it came to avoiding vehicular traffic) and dogs (who needed to be far smarter). The fox disappeared into the bushes and I wondered if we would see it again.

The run was difficult. We talked the entire way and that helped pass the time. I kept going even though I was tired. I was a disappointed I was not doing better.

At home, I got Holly up for the day, made her lunch, and made her breakfast. While I was doing the latter she told me I needed to print out her Spanish project Power Point because her printer wasn’t working properly. We were almost out of time so I rushed to do it and then, after handing it to her, was told I had printed out “the wrong version.” Evidently she had e-mailed me an old draft. I didn’t have time to find the correct one so we headed out the door to school.

On the way, I agreed to find the correct version and bring it to school. She told me where to find it so I knew I could get it down. Between conversations with the White House about my request to interview the President (that was going nowhere right now but I remained hopeful) and the McCain campaign (the Senator was scheduled to be in Denver this Friday), I found the correct version of Holly’s Spanish project. It had a formatting error so, after correcting that, I printed it out and drove to Peak to Peak again. My carbon footprint was growing today…

I knew I was backsliding because I had a giant turkey sandwich and several “sides” for breakfast, knocked off most of a two-liter container of root beer, and eliminated almost all of the triple chocolate ice cream in the freezer. I did have a few slices of apple, however, to assuage my guilt.

After picking up Holly, we went to Inta Juice where I purchased two “tsunami” smoothies – their largest size. Then, for dinner, I made cheeseburgers with fried onions and a big salad. It was the curly fries and ketchup, however, that really did me in. I knew I was in trouble for tomorrow’s weigh-in but my tummy was smiling.