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Aaron's Crazy Race Diary - 2008 Day 21

Perhaps I Was Making Some Progress…
Friday, May 9, 2008
16 Days Until Bolder Boulder

The training run today was longer than usual. We went 5¼ miles and it took us over an hour. Our pace was slow but methodical. I was glad to finish and knew I’d be tired today.

For breakfast I had a bowl of leftover spaghetti and meat sauce along with a tuna salad sandwich and a large pickle. I drank milk, lemon-lime seltzer water, and Arizona iced tea (which was sweetened with high fructose corn syrup – defeating the health purposes of the green tea). I also stole some Cheetos from the bag when I made my daughter’s lunch. I couldn’t resist their bright orange allure.

My weigh-in went well at 200 pounds. The scale actually ready 199.8 so that was exciting. I continued to eat all day, however, and knocked off three pieces of fried chicken with honey-mustard barbecue sauce. I was an eating machine today. My fat cells were demanding to be fed. They didn’t like the direction of my weight-loss.

The day passed quickly with fundraising calls, some writing, e-mails galore, and Mudcrutch’s “Scare Easy” playing 100 times or so. I may have been developing an obsessive-compulsive disorder given the number of times I was repeatedly playing the song. What can I say? I really liked Tom Petty’s work.

Issues related to the editing of a series of shows with the two U.S. Senate candidates took up a large part of the day as did work related to the Senate Website (www.SenateCO.com) and the farm. I dealt with Cheer issues as well as plans for Mother’s Day weekend.

I did sneak some more Cheetos and knew I would regret demolishing almost the entire bag. Later, after picking up Holly, I was munching on a bowl while reading over her shoulder as she was on the Internet. She had invited me to see what she was doing as proof it was all harmless. After watching, I started to walk away and dropped the entire bowl of Cheetos. She broke out in hysterical laughter – thinking that was the funniest thing she had ever seen with my face showing my terrible loss and my being framed by orange Cheetos all over the floor. I quickly cleaned up the mess before the dogs moved in and then finished the rest of the bag myself. I promised to not buy any more Cheetos until after the Race.

The eating day finished with some sliced turkey and a glass of milk. I knew I had consumed a lot but promised to be better tomorrow. Weekends were tough for me, food-wise, but I knew I was running out of time.