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Aaron’s Crazy Race Diary – 2008 Day 3

Maybe This is the Year I Should Take a Break?
Monday, April 21, 2008
34 Days Until Bolder Boulder

When I took the dogs out at 4:30 am, it was breezy but also seemed fairly nice temperature-wise. It was a nice way to start the week.

Being serious about losing weight always was a challenge for me due to my love of food. Whether it was fine French cuisine or McDonalds, I was happy dining almost anywhere. That also was why daily weigh-ins were good for me. They kept me on track.

They also were encouraging because I knew I could lose weight easily at first. Today I came in at 211 so I was making progress. I had the sense, however, shedding pounds easily may not be in my future.

At the YMCA, I joined Angela for a run outside. It seemed cold but it really wasn’t. The trail we took was north of the YMCA and wrapped around a housing subdivision. We then headed across 95th Street (Colorado Highway 42) around another subdivision, and continued between a fence and a row of trees separating two subdivisions. The path we were on appeared to be marked as an official City of Lafayette trail. It paralleled an irrigation ditch and then went through yet another high-end subdivision. The homes were beautiful. I noticed the home of a friend was for sale and wondered what was going on in his life.

The run was challenging for me. I was tired right from the start and, at times, slowed to a crawl. The most exciting part was when I spotted a red fox ahead of us. It scampered away but we had gotten a good look. We wondered if it lived in the area and whether or not we would see it again.

It also didn’t help my run that it was windy at times and it seemed the wind changed directions – always blowing towards me instead of fulfilling my wish of it blowing me along the route at 50 miles per hour. The temperature was about 3°F and the wind-chill factor probably was dropping that by 5°F or so, so I couldn’t complain too much.

Something didn’t seem right, however, but I continued to stumble along and complete the run. It was only about a 3½-mile route so I knew I shouldn’t be complaining.

My mornings almost always consisted of waking up my daughter, making her breakfast, making her lunch, reviewing her homework and discussing her assignments with her, and taking her to school. Then I would work the entire time she was in school.

Today was devoted to work related to my television program but I also had to address several outstanding issues related to the farm. Between the TV show, the farm, my daughter, the four dogs, and other projects, I figured I had the equivalent of five or six full-time jobs. I wasn’t complaining, though, because they all were my choices and I felt fortunate to have so much. Now, if I could figure out how to stop enjoying so much food…