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Aaron’s Crazy Race Diary – 2008 Day 9

Maybe This is the Year I Should Take a Break?
I’m in Worse Shape Than I Thought…

Sunday, April 27, 2008
28 Days Until Bolder Boulder

It was time to admit my willpower was nonexistent. I not only was having trouble losing weight but I was finding it difficult to keep it off. The longer runs (+/-7 miles) definitely were good for me but I was tired and unmotivated the next day. For the second Sunday in a row, I took the day off from exercise.

That didn’t stop me from eating, however, and I knew the triple chocolate ice cream wasn’t helping although the taste admittedly was delightful. I did more laundry, went shopping, wrote a few columns, prepared plans for the television series we were doing on the U.S. Senate, and then went into Boulder to have dinner at my Mother’s home so Holly could see her Grandma.

I started the day at 204 pounds so I was on target with my weight but I knew the next 10 pounds would be tough to lose. I was committed to running tomorrow so I would see how my weigh-in went. I thought to myself, “Maybe I shouldn’t take the day off, after all?” but I did anyway.