Alisyn Camerota

Alisyn Camerota, Co-Anchor of CNN’s “New Day,” joins Aaron to discuss her journey through the world of Journalism world. She gives her take on different journalistic issues and the status of and pressures on journalists today. The former Co-Host of “America’s News Headquarters” on Fox News discusses her experience at Fox and how the workplace culture towards harassment in businesses is changing. Alisyn distinguishes the difference between media outlets and the Press. She details the standards that characterize professional Journalism and stresses how earning trust, getting reliable sources, and having fact-based reports all are critically important values in the pursuit of accurate and fair reporting. In addition, Aaron and Alisyn discuss President Trump’s presidentially uncommon communication methods — most notably his large presence on Twitter — and compare Trump’s approach to that of past Presidents’ means of communication. At the end of the program, she gives her advice and counsel to aspiring broadcast journalists.

Alisyn Camerota, Co-Anchor of CNN’s “New Day “and author or “Amanda Wakes Up” share with Aaron some of the behind-the-scenes of how and why she decided to write this novel about a young woman in television journalism. The stories behind the names of her characters, the autobiographical elements of the tale, and the arduous process of writing a book while working full-time and having a family are all explored in this interview with Alisyn. She also shares her ideas about real life biases and their places in professional journalism. You can get “Amanda Wakes Up” anywhere books are sold! See Alisyn’s links below.

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