Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Aaron was honored when U.S. Supreme Court  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed to join him for a program.  They had such a good time together that they ended up talking for one-and-a-half hours! This special two-part,  in-depth interview is the result of that conversation.

In their interview, Justice Ginsburg discusses the U.S. Constitution and what it means to her, as well as what she feels it should mean to all Americans.  In her very deliberate manner, she explained her perspective about the founding document she holds so dear.

Aaron was especially appreciative of Ginsburg’s decision to join him.  Several days before their scheduled interview, her beloved husband of 56 years, Marty, had died of cancer.  At the same time, she was personally fighting pancreatic cancer.  As a result, Ginsburg’s staff at the Supreme Court had cancelled all of her media appearances, including her interview with Aaron.

On the night before the day of the cancelled interview, however, Justice Ginsburg changed her mind. She decided to do one media interview after all — the one with Aaron — for which he felt very grateful.